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We say goodbye to an exciting year 2013 and wish all of you out there the best for the next 365 days. Behind us lies the publication of “A view from above” together with the great resonances from you and a great release show.
Together Frank and Tim have created an incredible work and lifted our rehearsal room to a whole new level. In this genius atmosphere, we now begin in 2014 intensive work on new material and expand our live concept to kick ass at the shows next year again. The objectives in both ideas are high, so better be curious … Some great shows are already confirmed and we are eager to inform you about the dates.

We look forward to you and to give prove of that and to keep you looking good the stuff in our shop will be available with New Years prices with the start of next week, so keep your eyes open!
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Shopped to death…

The new Deadend in Venice Online Store has launched!


With the new merch stuff you guys already showed us how it’s done. The most popular item seems to be the DiV-Hoodie and that’s why we officially declare the LIMITED status today!

AVFA - Saturn

Obviously you like it that much that it is already on the way to “sold out” in some sizes. In other words, should the ladies and gentlemen of you who are not yet supplied with it, or are still looking for the right gift, strike immediately!

Furthermore there are also still some new reviews to “A view from above” on the road. Take a look at this one: – Seems that they like it! \ m /

Allrighty then, metalheadz… Have a nice weekend and a f***in’ great Advent! News about the Live-year 2014 are on the way, so check back from time to time!

Until then, stay heavy! CHEERS!



Here it is … the new page of DEADEND IN VENICE. With the release of “A view from above” now it was time for “deadend-in 2.0″ in the right look. As before, you can find all information about the band, downloads and also all the relevant links of course. Keep yourself up to date at LIVE, when and where you can celebrate shows with us or get suitable clothes for that in our shop. Watch out! At the moment we take all orders by e-mail ( until the final tool has been implemented!

Deadend in Venice - Shop new Merchandise

The man behind the pictures…

Here are a view words to the new look of our appearance. The implementation of our ideas into the artwork “A view from above” was a really big and exciting challenge. With Daniel “Dani” Hofer, the man behind we have found the perfect man for the job and it means for you that you can see his work in many other areas now. Thanks DaNi!!!

All Designs and Layout by Daniel "DaNi" Hofer (Archetype)

All Designs and Layout by Daniel “DaNi” Hofer (Archetype)


From banner to shirt to website the whole thing has already grown up and we’re looking forward to more of it! So here again a really, really big THANK YOU from us for the really brilliant work!

Horns up!


The date is july 19th and the place Crimmitschau. We will play together with Eisbrecher, Maerzfeld and Black Blitz at this year’s ICE DARK NIGHT and we are hoping for the appearance of our loyal Monkey Metalheadz out there.
The whole thing is also a big charity event in aid of the many flood victims, which is why the ticket prices were put to affordable 20 euros. Tickets are available at or !
We are really looking forward to rock out with you all! \m/


Deadend in Venice - A view from above - New Album 2013

Deadend Shop - available on 15.11.2013
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Deadend in Venice - New Merchandise 2013



Custom Guitar Picks by Steve Clayton, Inc.



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