Deadend in Venice 2013

Deadend in Venice was founded 2008 A.D.. Not only familiar companions of the local band scene around the old home Meerane, located in the west of Saxony were recruited but also newcomers to tackle an ambitious musical project. The direction was clear. “Melodic death” should be the path and the creation of a mixture of growls and a strong female voice with that as an own mark should be the aim. The foundation stone was laid with the first demo production “Batavian sundown” in the same year and followed exactly that idea.

After a few successful club gigs in the local scene during the following year Deadend in Venice had already the opportunity to play bigger shows with well-known bands such as Tristania and Finntroll. One highlight was the show in front of an audience of 5,000 people within the great scenery of Zwickaus Old Market as support of Tanzwut. The second “Hate Sweet Hate” entitled demo was also released in 2009 and thanks to recognizable advancement it was able to get good resonance. They gave a bigger portion of metal into the sound and it seemed important for the entire group that the female vocals should not only presented at soft rock moments. “Hate Sweet Hate” was a proof of this.

2010 knocked at the door and with it the composition and production of the first complete album. The recordings started in November at the Kick The Flame Studio under the direction of the great Andy Schmidt (Disillusion). Even some of the older songs could be enhanced thanks to the fruitful cooperation and found their way to “See you on the ground”. With the release of the album in 2011, the band opened up some new opportunities. The resonances in the worldwide print- and webzines hit in positive tunes, and so they stopped not only at bigger festivals in Germany like Rock im Betonwerk or the Gößnitz Open Air but also for the first time at well-known venues abroad. The path led Deadend in Venice for example into the Netherlands but also and especially to the Metalcamp in Slovenia.

It should not get quite and in 2012 the band went on the road to Leipzig all together to work on new material. In the new home base, the strength was even bundled and ideas turned into songs, “A view from above” grew. To make their vision real Deadend in Venice asked their fans for help. After a successful crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMusic recordings began at end of the same year, again with Andy, this time in Echolux studio. Songs and musicians show themselves grown up on the second album, have significantly matured and clearly taken their own direction in the metal genre. With the standard terminology such as Melodic Death, Power Metal, Pagan or Metalcore the music of Deadend in Venice cannot longer be defined. Just follow the band on their own way and be also part of it live. The Chances will be there in any case. HORNS U! DiV awaits you!



Vocals: Annabell Klein
Growls: Christian Litzba
Guitar: Tim Schmidtke
Guitar: Kevin Klein
Bass: Steven Philipp
Drums: Frank Koppe


Deadend in Venice - A view from above - New Album 2013

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